Senin, 10 Januari 2011


HijackThis is a freeware system/Internet tool which can help you remove many spyware and adware products from your system. The downside is that HijackThis is developed for advanced users. If you are not an advanced Windows user, you'll have to post the scanning log to a forum, and ask for help there. Another option you have is to use a search engine, like Google for example, to find information about what you are removing from your system.

It doesn't contain any spyware definitions, so you'll have to play the detective work yourself. The program offers you the option to delete any kind of startup entry or file, to kill any process, to view important information about each process running on your system (including DLL files that were loaded by it), and more. Of course, if you delete something you shouldn't have, you may render your system unusable. HijackThis makes backups, but they can only be used if you can start the program.

With this program you can also delete a Windows service, delete any Add/Remove Software entry, delete a file on reboot, or edit your hosts file. It supports automatic update checking, so make sure you have the latest version installed. 

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